The Contributions Cash Grab

Our community parks, pools, playgrounds and libraries are co-funded by councils and developer contributions.

But the NSW Government wants to divert this funding into their own coffers, to be spent whenever, however and wherever they like.

Don’t let them cut communities and councils out of the picture.

Join us in saying no to the contributions cash grab.

Sign our petition

To the NSW Government, Parliamentary Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly:

We, the undersigned, call on the NSW Government to scrap its plans to change the rules surrounding developer contributions.

These changes would:

• Reduce the type of community infrastructure that could be funded by developer contributions
• Pour developer contributions into four regional funds, with no guarantees that the money would be funnelled back into projects in the local areas where the levies had been collected.

We SUPPORT council-planned communities, complete with the local facilities and infrastructure that attract commercial and business investment to local economies, create neighbourhoods worth living in, and turn housing into homes.

We do NOT SUPPORT the diversion of the developer contributions that co-fund this infrastructure away from our councils to the State Government.

We also REJECT the Government’s plan to break the link between where the developer contributions are collected and spent.

The petitioners call on the Executive and Legislative Assembly to withdraw and abandon this proposal, in the best interests of communities across NSW.

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